About Naugatuck Plumbing 

Naugatuck Plumbing & Co. was founded in early 2,000's by the Marinho family. The company owners started at a trade school (Porter & Chester) and quickly became apprentices of large HVAC/plumbing companies throughout Connecticut. After years of working at the same company, the two experts quit and started their own small company in Naugatuck Connecticut. Today, our expert plumbers operate effectively throughout Naugatuck, Waterbury, and Prospect offering a superior customer service standard.

Meet Your New Plumbers

Our staff is readily available for any plumbing job. No matter if it is big or small, our plumbers will ensure that you have the right guys by your side when tackling on your projects. We also all believe that high prices in the plumbing industry must go, and all customers deserve the best.

Fred Marinho Owner Naugatuck Plumbing

Fred Marinho

Founder & CEO

Fred loves cars more than he loved plumbing. On his spare time, Fred takes out the 1967 Mustang with the top off to enjoy his time. Fred also enjoys running the company, Naugatuck Plumbing as his day job and as his passion.

Jimmy Marinho Naugatuck Plumbing

Jimmy Teagan


Jimmy & Fred went to the same school in early 2,000's. As a very close family man, Jimmy currently has 6 children that he loves and a family with a large culture. Running Naugatuck Plumbing as a day job for Jimmy really keeps him and his family going. He appreciates your business

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