Clogged Drains Service

Have your drains seemed to slow down? Naugatuck Plumbing & Co. is the leader in clogged drain services and can get your drain unclogged fast. You can learn more about clogged drains here.

Leaking Pipes Repair

A waterflood in your home can be extremely expensive. Especially when your insurance doesn't cover it. If your pipes have been leaking, it is best to diagnose it early. Check out leaking pipes repair services.

Water Heater Repair

Water heater not working as it should be? Most companies don't offer this as a service as it is very technical and most plumbers don't want to deal with it. We can handle most Water Heater repair jobs.

naugatuck plumbing additional services

Other Services We're Capable Of:

Although we may seem we only offer normal plumbing services, we can also handle the following residential services:

• General plumbing services
• Leaking pipes repair in Naugatuck
• Drain Cleaning in Naugatuck
• Faucet Repair and installation in Naugatuck
• Clogged Drain Repair
• Sewer Line Repair in Naugatuck
• Frozen Pipe Repair
• Same Day Plumbing

Locations That We Service In Connecticut

Although we're a small family plumbing business, we do service most of the state of Connecticut with our plumbing services. Our service locations currently in the new haven county are:

Naugatuck, CT

Waterbury, CT 

Prospect, CT 

Middlebury, CT

Cheshire CT 

locations we service throughout Connecticut

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